Tornos News | Greek PM: 330 million euros in support funds for bars, cafes and restaurants


The food sector will be boosted with a working capital of 330 million euros to buy raw materials when it reopens, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said after a meeting held Thursday at Maximos Mansion, reports the ANA.

The cafes, bars and restaurants will be funded under the EU’s 2021-2027 National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), pending approval from the European Commission, and will help these companies purchase supplies over the two or the first three months after reopening, he said.

Thousands of companies – including, for the first time, franchisees – will each receive a non-refundable capital increase of up to 100,000 euros. “The sector has already received nearly € 1 billion in funding,” Mitsotakis said, while at least 65,000 of the 77,000 companies in the sector have received support loans. In addition, he said, “of the 410,000 workers in the sector, nearly 260,000 whose contracts were suspended were reimbursed by the government with 720 million euros to supplement their wages.”

The Prime Minister acknowledged that the government is not yet ready to propose a reopening date, but understands that the sector may be able to recover some of the lost income “because there is a great need for people to go out, have a good time, to eat and have another drink. “The industry has made door-to-door deliveries or kidnappings during the country’s five-month nationwide lockdown, but customers are not allowed to sit down .

“We do not plan to cover losses with the plan we are announcing today,” Mitsotakis said, “because all sectors of the Greek economy and businesses have suffered losses. But we are here to provide the fund turnover for the purchase of supplies. ”

The online application platform will remain open until July 31, and funding must be used by December 31. Assessments will be processed quickly and funding disbursed quickly, the ministers said.

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