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Robert Carrasco and his fiancée, Hannah Jimenez, invite you to book a stay at the Geodomes of South Texas. LISA LUNA | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Do you need some rest and relaxation in your life? Are you looking for the perfect hideaway to celebrate that anniversary, birthday or that special honeymoon?

Geodomes of South Texas is the perfect place for you. Located in the countryside of Jourdanton, this unique Airbnb is available for reservations. Some of the activities and amenities of peaceful glamping sites include, but are not limited to:

• Pedal boats for the lake

• 1.6 km walking and hiking trail

• Hammocks

• Hearths

• Barbecue fireplaces

•Outdoor games

• Hot tub/jacuzzi

• Fish feeding

• Deer observation

•Bird watching

Robert Carrasco, 29, is the owner of Geodomes of South Texas and a 2011 graduate of Pleasanton High School. He received his bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

During his studies, he held two jobs. He was delivering bread, and then the other part of the week he was working construction in Austin. He was making enough money that he didn’t have to take out a student loan.

Above are interior photos of some of the beautiful, relaxing suites you'll find at Geodomes of South Texas.  ROBERT CARRASCO |  COURTESY PICTURES

Above are interior photos of some of the beautiful, relaxing suites you’ll find at Geodomes of South Texas. ROBERT CARRASCO | COURTESY PICTURES

After graduating, he worked in cancer research for about a year, developing pharmaceutical drugs to fight cancer. He was motivated to enter this field after the death of his mother, Tommie Carrasco, from cancer.

He stayed in the medical field, analyzing plasma and red blood cells, etc. for cancer patients and patients undergoing surgery.

Carrasco then received an offer in the oil field, where he worked for three years. He has invested a large percentage of his earnings in stocks, cryptos, and real estate.

After leaving the oilfield, he spent about a year working on the Geodomes of South Texas project. It took a lot of hard work and was possible with the help of his fiancée, Hannah Jimenez; dad, Roberto Carrasco; sister, Christina Carrasco; uncle, Jesus Carrasco and Hannah’s father, Oscar Jimenez. It opened its doors in mid-April.

“The hardest part is getting started,” Carrasco said. “Learning and educating yourself on what you need to do is the hardest part because I had no one who could teach me.”

He describes Geodomes of South Texas as a couple’s retreat.

“It’s so couples can get away from it all, get away from anything and everything that’s going on in life.”

Among the comments and criticisms he received were couples who shared that Airbnb retirement saved them from divorce because it helped them focus on each other again. Many have expressed how much they love the relaxing atmosphere of Geodomes of South Texas and how much they look forward to returning. Most couples stay two to three nights and drive from major metropolitan cities such as Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

The tranquil property features five spaced-out geodomes to allow for privacy: the Atascosa Premium Suite, the Duval Suite, the Frio Premium Suite, the Hidalgo Suite, and the Maverick Premium Suite. The three premium suites include upgraded interiors and whirlpool tubs. The suites each have their own vibe and decor — some are more modern while others are more rustic.

Each Geodome is air-conditioned, with a bed, TV, internet service and WiFi available. All suites have curtains to block out the sun, their own indoor toilet and rain shower, and even a kitchen area.

You will be able to see the large one acre pond filled with big fish that you can feed. Depending on the time of year, you may find butterflies or wildlife such as rabbits, quail or deer on the property. Carrasco simply asks you not to pet or try to catch wildlife.

“We have a paddle boat, a hiking trail, hammocks, fire pits, barbecues, everything you would want in your home except the comforts of the countryside and peace and quiet,” Carrasco said.

To book a stay at Geodomes of South Texas, visit Airbnb. Also be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram for their latest news and updates.

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