Sam Hunt enjoys simple pleasures in ‘Water Under the Bridge’ video

Summer is all about long, slow days — preferably by a body of water — and good times with the people you love. Sam Hunt captures this perfect summer day in his music video for “Water Under the Bridge.”

The video shows Hunt enjoying a day of fishing on the river and mooring his boat to enjoy a barbecue with friends, including country singer Kassi Ashton and her fiancé Travis Myatt. This party is conveniently located right next to the water and – coincidentally or not – under a bridge.

“Water Under the Bridge” is both nostalgic and redemptive. It’s a “time flies” anthem that reminds us to hold on to the things that matter most and – as difficult as that may be – to let everything else sink under the bridge.

The video is pretty representative of Hunt’s life lately. After leaving his hometown and pursuing a career in music, he found himself among family and friends. The smile on his face throughout the music video reflects the joy in his life after welcoming his daughter, Lucy, this year, and reconciling with his wife, Hannah Lee Fowler.

“I think being here, in the music business and on the road, has kind of hardened my heart,” Hunt said during a recent performance at Ryman Auditorium. “My heart is definitely a lot harder in so many ways since I left this small town. It’s amazing how this little girl melted away all of that stuff overnight a few weeks ago. I was filled with so much gratitude over the past two weeks. I just want to say here on the Ryman stage how grateful I am to have been a part of country music for the past 10 years.

A timeline of Sam Hunt’s relationship with Hannah Lee Fowler

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler have called it quits after almost five years of marriage.

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