Loyola Chicago tuition increases have forced students to literally rob city workers for lunch money

CWBChicago – A Loyola University student on his way to school robbed a Metra driver at gunpoint Tuesday afternoon because he was hungry and needed money for food before the course – and that’s according to his defense attorney.

Zion Brown, 18, was arrested later that night after his mother recognized him from media coverage of the robbery and drove him to the Calumet City Police Department to surrender, prosecutors said.

According to allegations, the Metra power line train had just arrived at Van Buren Street station in Grant Park when Brown pulled out a gun and pointed it at the train driver’s stomach at around 2:07 p.m. He reportedly took $110 from the conductor’s pockets on the platform and left the station.

Brown later told police he saw the conductor handling money on the train and decided to steal the money from him, prosecutors said. His private attorney said Brown was hungry and looking for something to eat.

In a police interview, Brown, who has no criminal history, reportedly said the weapon he showed was a BB gun he threw in a dumpster after the robbery.

Sometimes life is funny.

In January I was hot and bothered

Giphy pictures.

(no Kate, not like that)

about Loyola Chicago’s tuition increase.

Not just the fact that they were increasing it. But the fact that they were increasing it at a time when students were spending more time in front of their computer screens, confined to dorms, libraries or after being sent home for the semester, than they had in actual classrooms.

What exactly are they paying?

Now listen. Will $1690 break someone’s bank? 3.65% as the president of Loyola, Jo Ann Rooney so timidly puts it?

No, probably not.

But that’s how it starts. And sadly, that’s not even close to the first tuition increase during his tenure. Which is quite outrageous when you consider that she bragged early in her term about her promise not to raise tuition fees.

Loyola Phoenix – Despite Rooney’s promise in his inaugural address to end the university’s reliance on tuition increases, the cost of being a Loyola student has increased each year of his presidency – totaling a overall increase of $6,380 since his first year in office, the increase being the highest of his tenure.

Rooney, who hasn’t answered questions from the Phoenix about tuition increases since 2017, was unavailable to come on the phone, according to Loyola spokesman Matt McDermott.

Loyola tuition fees have increased every year since 1989, The Phoenix reported. The latest 3.65% increase was decided in the final year of Loyola President Jo Ann Rooney’s term as she is expected to step down at the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

(You gotta love her taking a page from Lori Lightfoot’s playbook and avoiding criticism or questions she doesn’t want to answer by simply ignoring them and the media)

Listen, I’m a proud Loyola graduate.

I went to school before Father Garanzini transformed it into the beautiful campus, with state-of-the-art facilities, that it is today.

The downtown campus alone must be worth billions of dollars.

The Lakeshore Campus is some of the finest real estate you can find on Lake Michigan, or in the Midwest for that matter.

The academic and sports program continues to improve every year as well.

(Admittedly, it was also a fraction of the price it costs to attend today. I also couldn’t have afforded it without the scholarships, grants, and student loans. Shout them out. Jesuits.)

All the positives and all the justifications for raising prices.

IF, covid was not wreaking havoc on the school year and the whole “college experience”.

Honestly, what are these kids paying right now?

Besides not being able to socialize and interact in an actual classroom, there is no extracurricular. No more Pumping Company (RIP), no more Hamiltons aka Bar 63. No ADG house. No. 1247 Northshore Ripper. I couldn’t go to basketball or volleyball games in person for ages. WTF do these kids?

It’s nothing but a University of Phoenix education decked out in a rugby jersey and boat shoes.

We literally have students robbing subway conductors because they can’t afford to eat the food from the concession stand at Mertz.

Sad day to be a Rambler indeed.

Check out Chief and Eddie’s discussion of the student debt crisis and the racket that is the tuition fee complex.

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