Local News: HHR Entrepreneurs Uncover Secrets Hidden In Historic Home (5/5/21)


RHS contractors are renovating the Long Farmhouse on Farm Road 1090 outside Monett and discovering historical treasures almost every step of the way. Mike Gervais/[email protected]

Renovation leads to interesting discoveries

A home renovation in Monett’s countryside has uncovered some interesting historical finds.

HHR Contractors is in the process of renovating the historic long farmhouse that was established in the 1870s.

Among the finds at the Long Farmhouse were historical journals. One article, a copy of The Evening Star, dates back to January 29, 1891. Mike Gervais/[email protected]

The old house was one of the first Vaudois farms and remained a family farm until 1986.

Thad Hood, owner of HHR, purchased the farm in September 2020.

At that time, the house had been vacant for a number of years, and HHR began a full renovation and remodel earlier this year.

Thad Hood, with HHR Contractors, said he believed this chest was either placed in the rafters of the house during construction or built in the attic of the house because it was too large to have been moved into the house. ‘space. Contributed photo

When you work on such an old house, is it a bit like opening a box of chocolates ?? you never know what you are going to get, ?? Hood said.

The HHR Box of Chocolates opened this year contains artifacts of historical significance that have found their way into the Monett Museum on Broadway.

While ripping out the old interior walls and ceilings, the crew discovered old newspapers dating from the 1890s.

The heavily degraded copy of The Evening Star of St. Louis includes advertisements for men’s suits for $ 18.50 and financial loans of $ 1 to $ 10,000.

Another advertisement invites residents at the Grand Opera House to update Faust. As originally performed at the Gaiety Theater in London. ?? This ad boasts that the production will include ???? all the beautiful music, the magnificent costumes, the splendid sets, the original effects, the original gaiety, the skirt dancers and Miss Kate Castleton as Marguerite. ??

Hood said the crew also found another more comprehensive diary that was donated to the Monett Museum.

?? You see this sometimes because they used newspaper for insulation back then, ?? Hood said. “I have found a few, but probably none that go back that far.

Newspapers weren’t the only historical secrets the house kept.

As Hood’s crew began to dismantle the galley, they discovered a large chest hidden in the rafters.

?? It must have been built in the house or built up there, as there is no way you could have moved it in that space, ?? Hood said.

The trunk and its contents, various pieces of mail and receipts presumably dating from the construction of the house, were also donated to the museum.

Ripping up the old parquet in one of the closets, Hood said the crew discovered old sympathy cards that appeared to have slipped through the floor. One of the sympathy cards was from the ME Gillioz family.

While moving forward with the renovation, Hood said the crew discovered other pieces of history, but nothing quite so unique.

He said the house had been enlarged over time and as the crews removed the interior walls, they could see where the wooden slats went from vertical to horizontal, marking where rooms were added after construction. original.

The team also discovered a handful of square nails. Hood said that when the nails are square it is a clear indication that they were handcrafted before modern mass production.

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