Home Bank CEO John Bordelon discusses the bank’s career path and growth

John Bordelon, President and CEO of Home Bank and President of HomeBancorp., Inc., joined Discover Lafayette to talk about his love for Lafayette, his distinguished 41-year banking career with Home Bank, and his community involvement.

Originally from Metairie, John had first visited USL as a young teenager when his older brother was a student. He found the people exceptionally friendly, unlike everyone else he had met. When choosing a college where he would play football, he discovered that none of the other schools could compete with the culture of USL and Lafayette. “The people of Lafayette made it exciting for me to choose USL.”

John played outside linebacker for USL Football as a four-year starter for the Ragin’ Cajuns football team from 1973 to 197676. The team went from a dismal 0-10 record in its freshman year to a 9-2 record in his senior season. under coach Augie Tammariello and defensive coordinator Sam Robinson. “We’ve gone from the worst record in UL history to the best record to success the past two seasons” under coach Billy Napier.

John thanks his college sweetheart and wife, Suzanne, for putting him on the right path to college. “I had my priorities turned upside down a bit. I was football first, entertainment second and school third. Suzanne put me on the right track and allowed me to focus on my career and about what I wanted to be. He graduated in accounting in 1977 and first worked as a Medicare examiner. Exactly three years from the day he started with Medicare, he joined Home Savings & Loan to capitalize about the leadership opportunities available to him.

John Bordelon was honored with Dr. Cindy Courville as 2021 UL Outstanding Alumni. The Outstanding Alumni Award is the highest honor that UL Lafayette bestows on an alumnus. It recognizes professional and personal achievements that have brought honor and distinction to the University.

John has led Home Bank to incredible growth during his tenure. He oversaw bank acquisitions, the company’s stock IPO in 2008, and the many technological advances in banking that have changed the way bankers interact with and serve their customers.

As of the release date of this podcast, March 25, 2022, Home Bank will convert its latest acquisition, Texan Bank, a community bank with five locations in the Houston metro area. The merger agreement provides that Texan Bank, operated by Friendswood Capital, will merge with and into Home Bank, with Home Bank being the survivor. Texan Bank was acquired by Home Bank in a $66.6 million all-cash transaction.

Originally established as a savings and loan association known as Home Building and Loan in 1908, Home Bank has seen incredible growth over the years. It is now the only remaining Lafayette bank of the dozen that existed when John began his banking career in 1981. The bank survived the difficult times of the 1980s oil crisis and the 2008 property crash, and today , it employs more than 450 bankers across Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. It is the third largest bank in Louisiana, with assets of $2.9 billion.

“Home Bank is the only remaining Lafayette bank. When I entered banking in 1981, there were probably a dozen. This speaks volumes about the dedication and hard work of our Board of Directors and our employees whom we have trusted for more than four decades.

John recounted the timing of Home Bank’s initial public offering in 2008, an incredibly risky time with the national economy and stock market in tatters. Home Bank raised $90 million the same day Congress passed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act that established the Troubled Asset Relief Program (“TARP”) that allowed the government to purchase distressed assets with financial institutions. The cash injection put Home Bank in the position of being the most capitalized bank in the country at the time and the funds were used to buy other banks. The first three bank acquisitions were cash transactions that helped Home Bank grow its balance sheet.

“Banking is evolving through technology. Some people never go to a bank. But on the business side, people need the advice of bankers to finance their projects and start a business. The beauty of having a relationship with a client is good for both parties. The client needs advice to obtain the right financing and the bankers ensure the best interest of their client. We call our commercial lenders “relationship managers” because that’s what they do. »

On the community side, John has served as president of the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and the UL Alumni Association. He has also served as a board member of the Community Foundation of Acadiana, Southwest Medical Center, United Way of Acadiana, Louisiana Open, Ascension Episcopal School, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and the advisory board of the Athletic Foundation at the University of Louisiana. He is the founder of the Ragin Cajun Athletic Foundation. He served for about twenty years on the board of directors of the Greater Southwest Mardi Gras Association, the non-profit organization responsible for overseeing Mardi Gras parades in Lafayette and ensuring the event remains free to the public. public.

John Bordelon served for about twenty years on the board of directors of the Greater Southwest Mardi Gras Association, the non-profit organization responsible for overseeing Mardi Gras parades in Lafayette and ensuring the event remains free to the public. “One of the greatest accomplishments of Greater SW Mardi Gras is that we funded all of the barricades for the entire parade route. This makes Lafayette’s Mardi Gras one of the safest Mardi Gras celebrations in the state. It has been exceptional to experience the security that we have.

During John Bordelon’s third or fourth year of service with the UL-Lafayette Alumni Association, he approached Dr. Ray Authement to recommend the creation of an athletic foundation. He got the green light and worked first with Authement and then his successor, Dr. E. Joseph Savoie. In 2008, the Rajin Cajun Athletic Foundation was launched with a modest fundraiser, which has grown exponentially over the years. Home Bank supported ARC, which John describes as “a natural fit with Home Bank’s support”.

The Louisiana Department of Athleticss received a $1 million donation from Home Bank for the renovation of Cajun Field, announced February 15, 2022. In recognition of Home Bank’s investment and longstanding partnership with Ragin’ Cajuns Athletics, the Ragin ‘ Cajuns Soccer & Track Facility will now be called Home Bank Soccer & Track Facility.

We thank John Bordelon for his dedication to our community and congratulate him for his able leadership of Home Bank over the past 41 years. We also thank Home Bank for supporting Discover Lafayette’s mission to shine a light on all the good things, people and culture found here in Lafayette, the gateway to South Louisiana!

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