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Maine’s maritime industry leader offers ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities

40S Picnic Boat

40S Picnic Boat

40S Picnic Boat

SOUTHWEST HARBOR, Maine, Oct. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hinckley Yachts has set the standard for all aspects of the boating experience since its inception in Southwest Harbor in 1928, and that continues as it continues to is about addressing national, regional, and local labor shortages that challenge nearly every business in every industry.

“Let me put it this way,” says Kirk Ritter, the current general manager of Hinckley Yacht Services in Southwest Harbor, Maine. “We have the best team of marine professionals in the industry leading all of our departments, and most have been here for 30 years or more. If you want to live and work essentially across the street from one of the best national parks in the country (Acadie) in one of the most beautiful states in the country and learn from the best of the best, we’d love to hear from you!”

COVID has caused a spending boom for the entire outdoor industry, and the marine industry has been a huge beneficiary of this trend. The surge in new boat orders and boat owners spending more time on the water has led to a dramatic increase in demand for everything marinas do, and an already tight labor market has been tightened even further. .

“We need top carpenters, electricians and mechanics,” Ritter explains, “and not necessarily in that order. Traditionally, we wanted to hire people with experience in the maritime industry, but there just aren’t enough people with experience in those disciplines anymore. If you are a top professional in any of these three professions, we have the team of experts who can teach and train you. That’s why we call it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a career and life change that might not happen again.”

Ritter says there are opportunities in positions across the yard, not just in key business disciplines, but to meet growing customer demand, these three categories are his top near-term priorities. All potential team members with exceptional sales and customer service skills are also always sought after.

“We also do everything we can to keep you here once you join us,” Ritter says. “We have a unique team culture where we work together to help all team members grow and develop, and we do everything we can to support those who wish to take external training programs to further develop their skills.”

Hinckley currently employs 60 people at its Southwest Harbor service center and another 200 at its manufacturing facility in Trenton, Maine. The company would like to increase its in-state workforce by at least 10-15% over the next year and is committed to supporting regional workforce development and New Maritime Trade Schools. -England. To that end, the company announced in April that it was implementing the Hinckley Yachts Student Loan Assistance Program (HYSLAP), an employer-paid student loan program for employees graduating from technical trade programs in post-secondary schools.

“We are very committed to developing the talents of our existing team members,” said Geoff Berger, CEO of The Hinckley Company. “The HYSLAP program will support this, as all of our managers and team leaders do on an ongoing basis by training and teaching our age-old methods on the job. HYSLAP was also developed in close collaboration with Maine’s The Landing School, l ‘one of the best maritime business schools in the country.

The Landing School is one of New England’s premier institutions for marine and yachting career development and is a critical partner to the industry, especially during this labor shortage. unprecedented work. While many of their current students come to the school straight from high school in search of an associate’s degree and to start new careers, an even higher percentage are recent college graduates or “career changers” who are leaving more traditional careers in search of a rewarding lifestyle and work-life balance in a post-COVID world. Careers in the maritime industry can take you all over the world, creating objects of substance and beauty that are part of people’s lives.

“We are thrilled to continue the decades-long partnership with Hinckley Yachts,” said Sean Fawcett, president of The Landing School. “Over the years, many Landing School graduates have established meaningful and rewarding careers at Hinckley, and this recent collaboration through the HYSLAP program is testament to the value that leading boat building and service companies such as Hinckley value effective and relevant education.”

Hinckley is a national and local market leader, and part of what continues to draw people to Hinckley, Maine is the company’s culture and heritage. Economic development professionals and employment experts agree that the Hinckley name is well known nationally and around the world, and just like LL Bean and other iconic Maine brands, it is part of what defines the State. Hinckley owners tend to be “customers for life” and include not only DownEast Mainers and New Englanders, but also pioneers of the new economy for the tech world and figures such as Martha Stewart, Chuck Townsend, David Rockefeller and Roger Penske.

Hinckley’s heritage is forever tied to the culture and brand of Maine, not just because the company was founded there, but because its very essence reflects the values ​​of what it means to be Maine. : hard work, commitment to innovation and excellence, and a love of water and the outdoors that all members of the current SW Harbor Service Center team share. From the company’s first experiments with building fiberglass boats in the 1940s and 1950s to building the iconic Bermuda 40 sailboats in 1959, Hinckley has pioneered many of the industry’s key trends from the 1930s.

“People want to work for winning companies that have demonstrated success, innovation, and leadership,” says Newport, Rhode Island-based executive recruiter Neal Harrell. “We know Maine needs to attract highly skilled workers from out of state to meet the state’s growing demand for economic growth, and Hinckley is a well-known brand that continues to push the envelope on many levels. Hinckley is one of the few brands that helps sell the state.”


About Hinckley Company:

The roots of the Hinckley Company run deep in Maine shipbuilding soil. The company, founded in 1928 to build and maintain local lobster boats, has been in continuous business, building classics such as the Bermuda 40 and the Picnic Boat. Henry Hinckley led the way with the Bermuda 40 in the early 1960s when he crafted its stunning lines from a radical new material, fiberglass. This combination of elegant form, material innovation and brilliant attention to finishing detail paved the way that Hinckley has been on in the pleasure boat business ever since.

Today, Hinckley builds Jetboats and carbon/epoxy sailboats from 29 to 55 feet and supports its owners and other boaters with its network of service yards from Maine to Florida. Two other distinguished boat builders, Hunt Yachts and Morris Yachts, were acquired in 2013 and 2016 respectively. For more information, please visit www.hinckleyyachts.com.

About the landing school:

The Landing School offers a top-notch education for men and women who want to pursue a career in the boating industry. The school’s four programs, Wooden Boat Building, Composite Boat Building, Marine Systems and Yacht Design, provide the foundation for a rewarding career in a highly sought-after industry. Founded in 1978 by John Burgess and Cricket Tupper, The Landing School remains committed to its mission of effectively preparing students for careers in the maritime industry. The Landing School is the first school of its kind to be accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Vocational Schools and Colleges. Students can earn an associate’s degree in marine industry technology or a degree in wooden boat building, yacht design, marine systems, or composite boat building. For more information, visit https://www.landingschool.edu.

About Hinckley Yachts Student Loan Assistance Program (HYSLAP):
The Hinckley Yachts Student Loan Assistance Program (HYSLAP) is an employee benefit where the employer makes payments to pay off a portion of an employee’s student loans. Under the program, Hinckley will make payments directly to the employee. Prior to March 2020, student loan repayments of any amount were taxable. This changed with the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act. Employers can now make student loan repayments tax-free (up to the IRS limit) until December 31, 2025, unless future legislation extends the deadline.

The program will help employees repay student loans taken out for post-secondary technical trades programs, such as those offered by The Landing School. Eligible employees include full-time employees who graduated from a post-secondary technical/business program within 12 months of the date the employee first applied for assistance under this policy. New employees begin receiving payments after three months of continuous employment with Hinckley.

Contact information:
Scott Bryant
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
[email protected]
401 683 7089

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