Hike the Pacific Crest Trail – Money Diary


Occupation: Unemployed, Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
Industry: Long distance hiking
Age: 24
Site: Southern Washington State
Salary: Currently $ 0, I earned around $ 25,000 before I left for my hike
Net value : – $ 43,612 ($ 4,750 in an emergency fund, $ 4,100 in a Roth IRA that I opened a few years ago, $ 6,600 in a savings fund for future hikes / “housing” (I pitched the idea of ​​#vanlife or something similar for a while so I put some money aside for this business, although positions in the field I have studied often include the housing) minus $ 59,062 in student loans, which will carry over for a few more months, from my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at public universities with in-state tuition fees. I intend to continue. a career in state or federal government, so once those payments resume I will follow a payment plan that will qualify me for the PSLF. The thought of holding such debt stresses me out, but it The same goes for paying more than I need, so I plan to put some extra funds into savings in case where something would change and I could no longer get my loans canceled.)
Debt: $ 59,062 in student loans
Paycheck amount: $ 0
Pronouns: she she

Monthly expenses
Lodging: $ 0 (Before my hike I was fortunate enough to live with two roommates in a really crappy apartment (happy because it was probably the cheapest place I will ever stay) During the hike, other than spending a night in a motel here and there in town, i don’t have to pay rent anything! in a tent certainly has its perks.)
Spotify: $ 7, shared with my sister
Roth IRA: $ 200 (I opened this account a few years ago, but only started making monthly contributions last year)


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