Governor Hogan announces $ 17 million in Neighbors Revitalization Prizes


ANNAPOLIS, Maryland – On Monday, Governor Larry Hogan announced awards of nearly $ 17 million for four state revitalization programs and a federal community development program administered by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) .

“These important programs allow Maryland to partner with local governments, nonprofits and other stakeholders to support revitalization efforts that improve the quality of communities and the quality of life for our citizens,” Governor Hogan said. “These partnerships and projects provide essential facilities and services while creating jobs and contributing to positive economic growth.”

The Strategic Demolition Fund, the CORE (Creating Opportunities for Renewal and Enterprise) Project, the National Capital Strategic Economic Development Fund and the Anchor Institution Fund for Community Seed Development will provide $ 10 million. dollars to 30 projects in five counties and the city of Baltimore that support community development and economic growth statewide. DHCD will also administer nearly $ 7 million under the federal community development block grants program in 10 counties.

A full list of winners is available here.

Strategic demolition fund. The Strategic Demolition Fund is a statewide program designed to catalyze activities that accelerate economic development and job generation in existing communities in Maryland. The fund has awarded $ 1.5 million to four projects, including pre-development work at Cambridge Waterfront in Dorchester County.

Project CORE Project CORE, an initiative to eliminate blight in the city of Baltimore and make way for green spaces, affordable and mixed-use housing and new business opportunities, has awarded $ 1.5 million dollars to four projects, including pre-development activities to redevelop vacant lots and vacant homes for homeownership opportunities in the community of Druid Heights, the West North Avenue corridor and the community of Johnston Square.

National Capital Strategic Economic Development Fund. The National Capital Strategic Economic Development Fund, designed to support the redevelopment of communities in and around the Capital Ring Road, awarded $ 4 million to 16 projects. Projects include rehabilitating the historic facade of the Flower Theater in Montgomery County and supporting the renovation of a dilapidated 1960s cafeteria and entrepreneurship training in Prince George County.

Anchor Institution Fund for Community Seed Development. The Anchor Institutions Fund for Community Seed Development provides grants and loans to higher education institutions and hospitals for community development projects in devastated areas of the state. The start-up fund provided $ 3 million for six projects, including the revitalization of the Allegany College of Maryland Theater and support for the acquisition of a warehouse for the Baltimore Natural Dye Maryland Institute College of Art partnership project. .

Block grants program for community development. The Block Grants for Community Development program, funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, is a vital resource to Maryland’s efforts to maintain public infrastructure and provide essential services to its residents. Funding of approximately $ 6.7 million will support 11 community development and infrastructure projects and leverage an additional $ 10 million in public, private and not-for-profit investments statewide.

In Baltimore City, Four Community Groups Will Benefit From CORE Project

They include:

  • Druid Heights Community Development Corporation, receiving $ 300,000
  • GOVANS Economic Development Corporation, receiving $ 300,000
  • Baltimore Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc., receiving $ 400,000
  • ReBUILD Metro, receiving $ 500,000

The groups listed, according to the state, will use the money for pre-development activities to redevelop vacant land and vacant homes to provide housing, homeownership opportunities and / or services to those in need.

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