Gov. DeSantis Says Decline in Men Going to College a “Good Sign”


Govt. Ron DeSantis, who graduated from Harvard Law and Yale, thinks it could be a “good sign” that fewer men are attending college than women.

DeSantis, speaking to the International Boatbuilders’ Expo in Tampa, suggested that men don’t go to college as much as women because they eschew traditional higher education for the trades.

“There was actually an article in the Wall Street Journal recently about, you know, ‘the decline in men’s college,’ or something like that,” DeSantis continued, briefly deepening his voice for comedic effect. present the article highlighting that three out of five students are now women, with men feeling “lost”.

“I guess there has been a decline in the number of men, the percentage of men going to college or whatever. And they acted like it was a bad thing. And honestly, like, you know, for me, I think that’s probably a good sign, ”the governor added.

“Because I think people look at that and recognize, you know, that some of these universities don’t give you a lot of bang for your buck. You’re not necessarily going to go ahead with this.

DeSantis said people were choosing to “pursue some of these high demand areas where you can do very well with virtually no debt,” before stepping back to soften his comments.

“If you want to do college, I’m not saying don’t do it,” DeSantis advised. “It’s very, very good for a lot of people. But certainly, this is not the right thing for everyone.

Decrying a perceived “stigma” against business education, DeSantis couldn’t help but deal a further blow to people who borrowed money to earn liberal arts degrees.

“Actually, some kind of joke is about some of the people who went through the college route, and they find themselves in heavy debt with no opportunity, so they would have been better off trying something else,” DeSantis said, adding a wink. eye to the shipbuilding industry.

“I’m sure this industry needs the right people. You have people, I mean, driving the trucks. You have people who are electric. I mean, it is, there’s never been a better time to do it, ”said DeSantis, an Ivy League college graduate.

DeSantis, who recently highlighted the ranking among the top five for the University of Florida, reserved the remainder of those remarks for boat builders rather than reporters attending this event earlier this month in Gainesville.

The Wall Street Journal article, released earlier this month, notes that there are 1.5 million fewer students today than five years ago, and men accounted for 71% of the decline.

Notably, the gender disparity in enrollment is present at four-year and two-year institutions, the latter often offering the types of certifications DeSantis offers as alternatives to traditional college education.

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