Finance Solution begins its 10th year of increasing boat and recreational vehicle sales from dealerships

RV and boat dealerships often try to create a smooth sales process in the showroom, but that process slows down when buyers arrive at the F&I department. Dealerships often have to wait for their customers’ loans and other financing options to be approved by lenders. Finance Solution eliminates these waiting periods by actively maintaining relationships with lenders.

Along with relationships with lenders, Finance Solution has created success for its partners by doing everything possible to get clients approved for financing.

“Finance Solution knows that their success depends on our success, and they go the extra mile to help us fund our clients,” says Lonny Workerone of their associates in a Virginia concession. “We could always count on them, at all times, and they were always there for us.”

Finance Solution partners also appreciate the company’s ability to get approvals every time.

“They go above and beyond for their customers,” says chad wallace from Pro Marine. “Their business speaks volumes about what they do for their customers.”

The Finance Solution team is dedicated to helping dealers find the right solutions to move units off the sales floor and into the hands of customers. Finance Solution looks forward to another decade of loan approvals and dealership success.

SOURCE financing solution

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