Australians may no longer be able to defer mortgage payments


As the March deadline for mortgage deferrals approaches, banks across the country are starting to halt requests for further mortgage payment freezes.

Some of Australia’s major banks have said they will stop accepting new postponement requests.

NAB, which has deferred repayments on more than 110,000 home loans since March 2020, said that today (January 20) is the last day on which further deferrals will be granted, to allow for two-month deferrals ending in the end of March of this year, as mandated by APRA.

Only 7,000 NAB customers are still on repayment break.

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“While it’s nice to see that most of our customers have resumed refunds, we know that some customers will need our continued assistance,” said Rachel Slade, Group Director of NAB Personal Banking.

“We will continue to provide support to these clients based on their individual circumstances, for example through reduced loan repayments, payment moratoriums, employment support, including curriculum skills vitae and maintenance, and access to financial advisers.

“We ask all clients who are having financial difficulties to contact us as soon as possible so that we can help them move to the other side in the best possible position.”

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Other major banks – ANZ, CBA and Westpac – did not provide specific details on when they will stop accepting further postponements, but in comments provided by bank spokespersons to Savings., the common theme was:

  • Most customers are already making regular refunds again, and
  • Help will always be available for those who need it on a case-by-case basis

ANZ said:

“While ANZ has supported our clients during this time of uncertainty, regulators have made it clear that mortgage deferrals will cease at the end of March.”

“We continue to accept requests from financially troubled clients and work with them to understand their situation and suggest the options best suited to their individual situation.

“There are a number of options for those who are still struggling, whether related to COVID or not. These include restructuring their loans to reduce repayments, partial payments or short-term repayment breaks.

“When we enter into payment agreements with customers, we seek to ensure that they are sustainable and realistic.”

ABC said:

“We have moved on to the next phase of client recovery assistance. This includes contacting all home loan clients as their temporary loan deferral periods approach the end to discuss their individual circumstances. “

“We know there will be clients who will not be able to make their repayments at the end of their deferral and we have a range of options, including switching to interest-only refunds, available to customers in addition to our existing range of solutions for customer difficulties. “

Westpac said:

“Westpac has helped more than 145,000 mortgage clients postpone their home loans since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and about three-quarters have started repaying again. “

“Customers with persistent financial problems will receive personalized assistance on a case-by-case basis. We’re looking at a range of options as part of this process, such as allowing more time to revert to regular repayments.

“Customers who are experiencing financial difficulties can access personalized support through our dedicated support team. “

Majority of deferred mortgage borrowers resume their repayments before the March deadline

Originally scheduled to run for six months from March to September 2020, Australian banks and the Australian Banking Association (ABA) have announced a further extension of COVID mortgage deferrals, ending March 31, 2021.

This extension was supposed to be given to customers who were still struggling to start their repayments, while those who could were encouraged to start repaying their loans.

And they started repaying: at the end of June, 11% of all home loans ($ 195 billion) had deferred repayments, but at the end of November, only $ 49.5 billion (2.8% of all home loans) still had temporary repayments.

Ask for help if needed

Speaking to ABC NewsRadio today, ABA CEO Anna Bligh said there are still a lot of people in trouble.

“I am very happy to say that we have now seen almost 90% of these people, the 900,000 Australians who have deferred their loans, are now back to make these payments,” said Ms Bligh.

“There are still people whose deferrals have not yet reached the end date and the banks are working with them individually.

“But what we are seeing is a much smaller group of people in very difficult circumstances than the banks anticipated that we would see at this point in the COVID experience.”

For those who are still struggling, Ms Bligh said the best thing to do is talk to the bank.

“There are tools that banks have in their toolbox to help people who have taken a deferral and still can’t get back to full payments and are working with those clients one on one,” he said. she declared.

“The best thing for the client, however, is not to be deferred for so long that they start to lose equity in their most valuable asset.”

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