Investment & Credit call money Flexible investment with attractive return

Investment & Credit call money Flexible investment with attractive return


Call money account: high interest rates, quickly available, low risk

You want to invest your money in the short term, safely and profitably? No time commitment, with daily availability and high interest rates? With our daily account comparison you will find the best offers! Benefit from high flexibility and a good return.

Daily benefits

A savings account is great for temporarily parking savings. With call money you enjoy almost the same flexibility as with a checking account, but you receive attractive interest rates. The biggest advantage of calling money is the fast availability: While you have to cancel a savings account, or have to wait for the end of the term, you can transfer money at any time to your current account. There it will be credited after 1 to 3 days.

The bank can theoretically change the overnight money interest rate at any time. In practice, many call money account providers guarantee a fixed interest rate. In that case, the interest rate may not be changed by that date, so you will still receive the interest you have agreed with the financial institution, even if interest rates go down. In order to get a good overview of which current money market account offers you the best interest rates, we recommend an interest rate comparison with our free interest rate calculator. There are other differences in the costs. A good call money account costs no fees.

How safe is the daily allowance?

You do not have to worry about safety. All providers we offer participate in the Deposit Guarantee Fund. Depending on the bank, an investment is hedged into the high millions. So the daily allowance is not only very flexible, but also impresses with a high level of security. Especially in troubled times, the daily allowance allows you to temporarily invest at a good interest rate. This allows you to follow the developments in the money market and have the opportunity in the near future to liquidate the money and invest in an investment, if this results in a better return.

Daily allowance for corporate customers

It is very important for companies to have sufficient liquidity reserves. Many forms of investment are therefore only possible to a certain extent, in addition, the money must be constantly available. The call money offers an interesting alternative for business customers. It is readily available while providing a return on investment. However, corporate clients should pay attention to good conditions. Because only the best daily money brings you a satisfactory return.

Editorial Tip

The payout of interest varies from provider to provider. So an annual, quarterly or monthly payment is possible. With a monthly payment directly on the savings account, you can thus benefit more from compound interest. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to this criterion when selecting the account.

Note differences to checking account

Keep in mind, however, that a call money account is not an account for payment traffic . Thus, transfers to foreign accounts or direct debits are not possible. If you want to dispose of your money, usually a transfer to your own account is necessary. Here, bank terms of one to three days have to be considered. However, there are now banks that allow customers to withdraw money directly from a card.

Find the best call money account

Compare now the various daily money offers and secure yourself for the short-term investment an attractive return. Some providers offer new customers a premium when opening a call money account. Use our money calculator to find the best deal for you.